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After ten years in the Ryferian army, Zayd, a skilled warrior and a pious father, is about to be sent home. In the final months of a long and brutal war, he has one last mission: to help transport the invaluable spoils of war through enemy land safely to the Imperial capital.
But something that was unearthed is not what it seems, and its very presence is corrupting the soldiers around Zayd. As the evil spreads, Zayd’s life and that of his family depends on whether he can stop the sinister presence in time, and the only one who can help him is his enemy…

Far away in the Imperial capital, a young and ambitious priest named Osmun is stalked by a mysterious being that has suddenly appeared from beyond all known history, and seems to have dark designs that center around him.
As one war ends, another is about to begin, and Zayd and Osmun must confront an evil that has been dormant for untold eons.

Featuring a cast of knights, giants, priests, warriors, and shamans, What Was Forgotten is a dark fantasy novel that blends elements of horror, mystery and suspense. It features fast-paced action, suspense, love, and betrayal all within a unique and fully-realized world.

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About The Author

Tim Mathias lives in an old house in New Hamburg, Ontario, with his wife. When he isn't writing he likes to spend too much time playing video games. He has plans to one day learn how to use his time effectively.

Tim studied English literature, history, and philosophy, and as a result has a job related to none of those things. His love for stories, fantasy, and RPGs all began with 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons.


Tim Mathias


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I always enjoy a good conversation, and I don't get out much, so I'm pretty easy to get a hold of.